160 Bernal Rd, San Jose, CA 95119 | 408.226.4534 | info@bernal.church


 On Mission to Glorify God by Living In His Kingdom Today

Who We Are Becoming

Bernal Church is a casual gathering of people, both in-person and virtual, who desire to encounter Jesus and grow in knowing God, loving God and spreading God.  As we do this, we grow individually and together in our values of curiosity for others, humility, empathy  and becoming generous disciples of Jesus.  Click the video to the right to hear more about this.

Gathering Time

We are currently gathering OUTDOORS on our lawn at 10:30 am each Sunday 
as well as posting our "Church at Home" service at 5pm every Saturday.  From time to time
we will meet indoors due to weather (too hot, too cold, rainy, etc).


Our goal is to provide the safest and most personalized experience possible while teaching kids about the love of Christ. For more information visit our Children's page under the Connect tab.